Thursday, January 13, 2011

Add Multiple Streams Of Income From The Content You Produce

There are so many ways to create multiple streams of income online without much hassle. I am going to share a few ways I do it and then I am going to share a new way that I just found out about. Over at The Ms. Boss which is another one of my blogs I signed up for Google Adsense, so every time someone clicks on one of the ads on my page I earn money. I go back and check my account once a month to see how much I have in there. If I was driving more traffic to the site I could probably earn a substantial amount of revenue from this. Another thing that I am using is my online radio show The Ms. Boss Show. When I started to broadcast over at Blog Talk Radio I enrolled in their revenue sharing pool and just like my blog when someone click on an ad on my show page I make money. 

If you are an author you may want to check out Create Here you can upload your books and they will be on demand and also entered into other distribution channels depending on the marketing program that you choose. Now over here I make good money because it's based on the price of my DVD which sells for $27.00 and is apart of the Create Space market place and

I just found out about something that Yahoo is doing called the Yahoo Contributor Network. If you are a content provider Yahoo is paying you for your content. They have several different payment models depending on whether the content that you provide will be exclusive or non-exclusive to Yahoo. So if you are already writing and publishing anyway, why not earn some extra cash by syndicating your content and getting paid for it.
I hope this help to move you closer to your financial and business goals for 2011.
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