Monday, January 14, 2013

Making A Movie

Hi Ladies.  Hope you had an amazing weekend.  I was just watching Oprah Life Class with Joel Olsten and it was great.  About to watch Rick Warren now.   Just wanted to reach out to you to say hello and to remind you about our upcoming auditions for the film Self-Made:  Inspired By The Life And Times Of Madame C.J. Walker.  For more info go to  If you want to support the film or put your book or product in the movie go to

I want to be able to share my journey of completing this film with you.  So let me just start off with what happened.  We had our audition set for one place and I found out yesterday that the location will not be available.  Instead of getting upset because I have such a short time to find a new place I kept the Faith that I would find a place.  So I got up this morning and went into damage control.  Secured a new location and we are all set.

The reason that I am sharing this journey with you is to show you that hard work, strategic moves and team work will help you achieve your goals for your life and your business.
Don't forget to check out The Ms. Boss Show & The Ask Audrey Show.   I have some great guest coming on this year.

I have to go now and watch Pastor Rick Warren on Oprah.

Until Next Time
Make It A Great Day!