Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Beauty Of Funding Start-Ups

I recently read an article that Dermalogica Skin Care Company is launching a micro-loan program to help women in the U.S. and overseas start businesses. The fund is worth $500,000. The company has also reached out to its network to get other beauty industry business owners to take part in this campaign. Can you imagine if other uber-successful business owners adopted this model of giving back how many entrepreneurs would be able to get their venture off the ground. Capital to get started is just one major needed component. The other component is business start-up basics which is up to the entrepreneur to acquire. Having the money to start without the necessary knowledge is a plan for failure right out of the gate. So before you even you think about going for the money, take a visit to your local SBA or SBDC to help you learn the basics. For information on micro-loans visit
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