Monday, January 17, 2011

Dr. Martin Luther King

Once again it's that time of year to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. I had the pleasure of attending a summit at Metropolitan Church in Newark, NJ in celebration of Dr. King which was focused on youth leadership. It was just amazing to here some of the young people speak and how well put together they were. It made me very proud, because I could just tell by the way they spoke and the topics that they spoke on, I was looking at the future leaders of tomorrow. The passion that they already have in continuing to carry out the legacy that Dr. King started. For this reason I will do what I have to do to help them become our leaders of tomorrow. Sharing my knowledge, wisdom and passion with them. Helping them to unfold the gifts that they were given and show them how to live a life beyond anything that they could ever imagine all while giving back and helping others.

We are all very busy, and as I was told yesterday busy people have to learn time management skills, but I would hope that you join me in encouraging and empowering our youth so that they can see their dreams come to life and so that they can continue to leave legacies for years to come just like Dr. Martin Luther King.
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