Tuesday, July 19, 2011


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Redesigning Your Life

Life! By Design: 6 Steps to an Extraordinary YouI just recently returned home from vacation.  On my way back with my family after taking a road trip to Georgia, we decided to stop over in Raleigh to visit with my cousins.  While there my mom became ill and was hospitalized.  I sent the rest of my family on home and I stayed in Raleigh with my mom who was in the hospital for 3 days.  Between the long drive from Georgia to North Carolina and the time I spent in the hospital with my mom I had a lot of time to think about my life.  I asked myself one key question, "Audrey are you living your dream life?"  And to be truthful to myself, my answer was no.  So I decided once I returned home I would write out what my dream life actually entailed.  Once I had finished writing it all down I felt liberated.  I felt free.  I felt clear.  I felt empowered.  Now my next step is to start living this life that made me feel this way just from writing it down on paper.  Time for me to redesign my life into the on that I envision.  So I shared this with you because I wanted to know if you were living your dream life.  I would like to suggest that you write it down on paper and I would love for you to share with me and the rest of the network what experience you had once you were done writing.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Developing A Clear Vision

Visualizing Success: The Influence of Mental Simulation in an Expressive Writing Context on Academic PerformanceSo right now I'm in Georgia on vacation.  I was just ear hustling in a conversation that my husband was having with his daughter.  She is in college for fashion merchandise, but her real dream is to have a boutique.  So me being who I am and believing that you should do what you love had to butt into the conversation with my two cents.  So I wanted to share with you what I said to her about her dream of being a business owner and owning her own boutique.  She wants a boutique so my advice to her was to:
  • First write out your vision.  Make it so crystal clear that she can see what it looks like, smells like and feel like when she walks through the door.
  • Network with other stylists and designers, because this way she can fill her store with inventory without having to layout all of the money it would take.
  • Also network with hair stylists, especially the ones that do hair shows, because they always know fashion designers because when they do shows someone has to dress the models.
  • Create such an experience at her store that people will be willing to tell everyone they know
  • Don't try to be everything to everybody.  Choose a niche market and develop that.
I hope that sharing with you what I shared with her you will find some value and can apply these same tips to your business.

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