Monday, November 29, 2010

No More Business As Usual

I had a great week last week even though I did not get a lot done because of the holiday and also me not feeling well one of those days.  My friend Georgette came from Texas, so it was nice to spend some time with her.  We got a chance to share a lot about what we are doing and how we can help each other grow our businesses.  I will become a partner in Georgette's travel business and she is going to become a partner in my 5Linx business.  

I am really looking forward to what lies ahead.  This year is almost gone and I have decided that 2011 will not be business as usual.  I want to grow the Ms. Boss brand so I will be taking more calculated risks and putting myself out there more.  In the past I've been very modest about myself and this modesty has been reflected in my income or the lack there of.  So I know in order for me to achieve the kind of success and financial freedom that I want I cannot continue to business as usual.

My question to you is simple this.  Did you hit all of your goals for 2010 or will you hit them before the year closes out?  Did you even come close?  If you didn't will you continue to do business as usual in 2011?

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Make It A Great Day!

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  1. Great post Audrey! Life is too short that we must go all it in reaching our dreams. You are amazing woman and I hope that you 2011 will be the year for Ms. Boss!