Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advice For Female Journalist In Liberia

I just read a great article here on Poll Victory TV about female journalists in Liberia and some of the trials and tribulations that they face.  I know that the women want more access to the plum jobs in journalism in Liberia, but I think that they need to really understand the power of the Internet and blogs.  The one thing about journalism in the U.S. that there are so many who have discovered that blogs give them a voice.  They have decided that they want to be heard and in some cases seen, and the blog is the way to do it.  With blog platforms like Blogger which I use and Word Press you can set up a news or political blog in no time at all giving them an instant voice.

The Huffington Post which started out as a political blog is one of the most read blogs in the Internet.  This blog was the brain child of Arianna Huffington.  It is also the most linked to blog on the web.  Arianna took her passion for politics and started the Huffington Post so that she could have her own voice.  Not only has she created a media outlet where can you find great articles and political commentary, but the blog also generates a pretty nice income stream as well.

Although TV, newspapers and radio are still the traditional media outlets, the new and growing media outlets are on the Internet.  With social platforms like Twitter and Facebook you can upload news immediately just as it happens.

I am not exactly sure of the access that these women may have to the Internet, but I would suggest that if they do have access, they should join forces and create their own news blog and start posting  immediately.  The more people on their team and the more often they blog will increase their visibility.  They should also join other social networks like Twitter and Facebook to help build the blog traffic which will also increase visibility and build followers.

To expand their reach even more they should syndicate their post by posting on Poll Victory TV and other sites like this one.  There are so many opportunities for them to get their point across, they just have to think outside of the box and see what new media has to offer.

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  1. The current situation in Liberia is not ready to support many women setting up blogs. The internet is slow as dial up and most people rely on internet cafes to check emails and such. So, setting up a blog and maintaining it can be time consuming and costly (depending on how long it takes).

    Hopefully, this will change though. A few months ago they completed laying the submarine fiber optic cable, which should eventually allow Liberia to have high speed internet. If this does happen, I recommend you include a training program for blogging and social media in your Women's Center.

    If I get my chance to return to Liberia, I would be willing to help you out with this training because I agree with you that this would be beneficial for the woman of Liberia!