Friday, August 20, 2010

Does Your Image Match Your Business?

First impressions means so much.  So my topic of the day is does your image match your business?  Last weekend I attended a home party with a friend who is a distributor of adult novelty products.  She had a pretty nice show and her sales were pretty nice also.  Well during her presentation of the products one of the women said that she looked like a school teacher and she was really amazed at the type of business she was in.  Well when my friend completed the show and had left the house where the ladies were, she got a called from the hostess saying that some other people had just showed up and wanted to order some more products.  When my friend arrived back at the house she told was told by the hostess how everyone thought she was cute, but she looked so conservative, much like a librarian.  This really disturbed my friend because she said that she thought she looked sexy.  So she did a little family poll to get the opinion from those who see her everyday and they all told her she was somewhat plain.  So now she has decided to do a total makeover to make sure that her image matched her business. I started to wonder if she was a little bit more sexy would that have any bearing on her sales.  Would she have made more money than she did?   I thought this was interesting so I had to ask myself does my image match my business and I decided that I too, could stand to up my game a bit.

So does your image match your business?  Just something to think about.
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Make It A Great Day!Audrey

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