Monday, January 3, 2011

Saving For A Rainy Day in 2011

Well we have lived to see a new year so let's make this year the best year of our lives.  The way to do this is to make sure that you are preparing and planning for the best.  Lets start with how you will increase you income and save more this year.  We have all heard it before, we should have a savings set up for rainy days, so we know how important it is.  Some of us went through many storms last year and the savings we should have had was not there.  Some of us had too much month at the end of the check, so it was almost if not impossible to save anything.  So how do we make sure that this doesn't happen again this year.  Set a realistic amount that you want to save.   Get you a side hustle just to fund your savings.  Here is a list of side hustles that don't take much time at all.
  1. Sell once a month at a flea market
  2. Sell something on Ebay
  3. Set up a Friday child care service or whatever day you have free
  4. Sell your favorite cakes to the nearby diner
  5. Set up a Wednesday Woman Service for Seniors to take them for a day of beauty
  6. Go to a local bar that has a kitchen and offer to sell fish sandwiches on their busiest day.
  7. Sell your your art work
  8. Sell your special services that you offer.
Just make a plan to sell something.  Anything to make sure that you are putting something into your savings accounts to help you avoid those storms that you went through last year.  If you don't have anything to sell let me know and you can help me sell some of my stuff and make a commission.  I have a lot to sell and can use of the help I can get in doing so.

I hope this helps.

Until Next Time
Make It A Great Day!

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  1. You are so right Audrey, a New Year is upon us and yes I have been in many of places you speak of, dealing with life storms and not having the savings we needed to do the things we wanted. But that was last year. This is a New Year and time for a New Mind Set. No more saying, just doing and so I look forward to us having a wonderful, prosperus and blissful year. "When you Change the way to you look at the things, the things you look at change" Dr. Wayne Dyer.
    So lets change our outlook to prosperity, great health, loving relationships and having the monvey and freedom to live a life that we were created for. A Blissful one.
    Georgette Taylor
    A Blissful Woman