Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Ms. Boss Show Tuesday Recap: Beware Of Business Monsters In 2011

Great show this morning.  Just wanted to give you a recap.  The topic was What Do You Want In 2011.  Just a few tips to help you get whatever that is.
  1. What Do You Want?  In order to achieve this goal you must first be clear about what you want.  Clarity is so important here.  Take some time to figure this out.
  2. Why do you want it?  You have to have a big enough why to accomplish this goal.  If your why is small and shallow this is not a goal worth setting.
  3. When do you want it?  Set a time frame for accomplishing what you want.  2011 has 12 months in it.  Choose a month to hit the mark.
  4. What are you going to give up for this goal?  You have to give up something.  It maybe time, your favorite TV show, your weekly hair appointments or money, but you have to be willing to give up something.  If you aren't willing then your why is probably small and shallow.
  5. Who will help you?  What you need to understand about finding help is that you have to ask for it first.  If you don't ask for help then don't expect to get any help.  This is tough for most people, but in order to grow in anything you can't do it alone.  You will need help.
  6. What will you do when you hit your goal?  Is that it for you or will you set a new goal.  Once you hit the first goal you will have momentum, so this is the perfect time to set your next goal.
Beware in 2011
There are three things you need to beware of this year.  They will hinder your growth and this year is about growing.  So let me share them with you.
  1. The Email Monster-  He will try to come in a possess you everyday.  You have to be strong and fight him off.  What I do when he shows up is peep in his window and see which emails are important.  Check them and then I hide from him the rest of the day until I have time to peep in his window again.  Don't let him possess you.
  2. The Time Thief- He will always try to trick by telling you that you have more time than you actually have.  Before you know it you are hanging out with him doing something totally unproductive and the whole day is gone and he is already planning how he will hold you up tomorrow.
  3. The Procrastinator Perp- Now he is very slick.  He will make seem like what you are doing is important but in reality it isn't.  See is in co-hoots with The Time Thief and if you are not careful you will get caught up wasting time with these two and nothing will be achieved.
So that is my recap.  To listen to the show which is always archived go to http://www.TheMsBossShow.com.

Until Next Time
Make It A Great Day!

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