Monday, October 11, 2010

What Does Web TV Mean For Small Business Owners

I remember back about 1996 or so when Web TV was first introduced. My friend and I purchased this box in this little blue bag that hooked up to your TV and you could look at the web right on your TV set. I was excited back then because at the time it was offered as a business opportunity and I thought that it was a way for me to earn a living selling these web-TV boxes. Well fast forward about 14 years and Web TV is back again and more people are in the game, but two of the major players are Google and Apple. Once again I am excited, but this time I am excited because I am already in business and I can see what that means to me and other small business owners. It means more exposure for our business for an affordable rate with a wider reach. We will soon be able to reach the living rooms of our potential customers for a fraction of what it would cost if we were trying to accomplish this via traditional TV advertising. So for those of you who are not using video to grow your business, you are missing an incredible opportunity for exposure. Most people are visual and my question to you is Can They See You? If they can't you had better change that.

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