Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking Technology To Liberia

Check Out This Amazing Phone
Check Out This Amazing Phone

I'm really excited about this company that I recently joined called 5Linx. I swore to myself that I would not join another company, but this company had something that really interest me. It had technology and the opportunity for me to take the technology to Liberia. As most of you know I have been in the planning stages of going to Liberia so that I can start the ball rolling with building The Ms. Boss Business Center there. During all of my research, I found out that land line phones are pretty much non-existent and that most of the people there use mobile phones to stay in contact and in some parts of Africa also as way to grow their business. This is why I am so excited about this company and the telephone technology that they have. The Video phone will not only allow the women who are a part of the center to reach out to others but it will empower them to do business like they have never done it before. The excitement for me is knowing that once I complete the center I can be in touch with the women anytime and any place. So when I return back home we will all have our video phones to communicate. The technology that the phone has will also allow me and my partners to mentor the women via conference calling from the phone. To find out more about this amazing phone click on AMAZING PHONE

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