Thursday, October 21, 2010

The National Publicity Summit

Once a year I am asked from the guys over at Bradley Communications to be a panelist for their National Publicity Summit.  When time allow I do oblige.  So today I attended the National Publicity Summit  which is held in New York City as a media panelist and I am really excited about some of the people that I met there who had written books.  Let me give you brief idea about what the summit is about.  

Steve and Nick are brothers and twice a year they bring in people who are in media and then they bring in authors and business owners who want to pitch the media on their book or their business.  Each participant get 21/2 minutes to talk to the media person of their choice to pitch them.  So being that I am in media I get pitched for about 3 hours.  I really enjoy doing the summit because some of the people you meet and some of the stories you hear are just amazing.  The other good thing about the summit is that I get to meet with my peers and share great conversation and story ideas.

Over the next few weeks I will be bringing you interviews and posts from some of these people as they share how they have managed to self-publish and sell hundreds of thousand of books, how they got publishing deals with major publishers and those rags to riches stories.

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