Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Multiple Streams Of Income

I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday for a meeting.  Because I love Barnes & Noble I stayed behind after the meeting was over so that I could browse through some of my favorite magazines.  Well I was approached by a young man who invited me to a meeting about something that he was doing with this video phone.  Earlier this month I was approached by another young man with the same invitation.  I took a look at the first mans product, but even though it had great features the company had no presence in Africa.  Well the company presented to me by the second man has a presence in Africa and West Africa at that which is where I will be building the Women's Business Center in Liberia.  

So I went to the meeting and I looked at the opportunity and I was really impressed for a number reasons.  One was the technology behind the video phone, the fact that they were already in Africa and all of the wonderful benefits that the company offered its representative.  So after I slept on the idea of starting another business, I decided to go with this one even though I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't start anything else.

I am always approached about joining something, and normally I decline, but this opportunity was one that was really something that I could see myself involved with.  For one thing I love technology and how it can even the playing field for small business owners everywhere.  I could not sleep trying for to figure out how I could incorporate this business into my existing businesses and when I woke up this morning I had the answer.

I am in the business of inspiring and empowering people.  This business fits right in with my core values and top of that it will also add another stream of income to my already multiple streams of income.

As I move forward  I will keep you in the know about what I am doing with this and how I am transforming lives.

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