Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stop Stinking Thinking

Have you ever had times when it seems that nothing is going as planned? Well I have. It seems like everything I try to do there is a road block thrown in my way. When this happens it can easily mess with you frame of thinking and cause you to stall. You will find yourself procrastinating and not feeling motivated to do anything. What I find helpful when this happen is to just stop everything that you are doing and find a quite place grab a good book or a book you've meaning to read, but just haven't had a chance to and read. I did this a few nights ago. I was working on a project and everything seemed to be going fine, but then the problems started coming at me like meteors from the sky and I was so tired of ducking and dodging them until I just went home and pulled out my book No Matter What by Lisa Nichols went to my bedroom and started to read. As soon as I did this I started to feel better. I was also able to put things in perspective and plan my attack on the problems that hit me for the following day.

I hope that this little tip help you when times get a little tough.

Until Next Time
Make It A Great Day!


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