Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Want To Create Expert Status? Check Out These 15 Ways

Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding TeamI just finished up the radio show and I talked about ways to create expert status.  This post will include 16 ways to create expert status.  Out of the 15 I've personally used 13 of the ways.  You may know of some other ways that you may want to add and by all means go ahead and do so.

  1. Write a book.  This is probably the number one way to create expert status.
  2. Write an Ebook.  An ebook does not have to be as large as a book.  You can start with 15 or 20 pages.
  3. Write articles and have them syndicated across the web.  Media people are always looking for content to fill their publication.
  4. Blogging.  You can use the same article that you wrote and add it as a blog on your site.
  5. Publish your own ezine or newsletter.  Make sure that the your publication has information that the user can use.
  6. Create training videos.  They don't need to be long.  They just need to be filled with great information.
  7. Start your own web- TV show.  This gives you the chance to show your stuff live.
  8. Host a show on your local cable network.  By doing this you will be come a local icon.  You never know who's watching.
  9. Teach a class via a tele-seminar.  This is so simple once you have decided what the topic will be.  You can do it for free or for a fee.
  10. Become a speaker.  Start speaking on a local level first to get your feet wet.  Once you've done that introduce yourself to organizations and let them know that you are available for speaking.
  11. Start your own radio show.  You no longer have be a show on traditional radio to become a talk show host.  The internet has so many ways for you to start your own show and have it syndicated across the web.
  12. Get booked as a guest on other people show.
  13. Facilitate classes at an adult education center
  14. Host webinars online which are visual classes
  15. Host live seminars and workshops
These are some powerful ways to up your status.  I must say though, that all of the ways listed are content producing.  You must have power and engaging content to keep your audience interested and coming back for more.  If can do this, they will be happy to share your information with their network.  I do it all the time.

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