Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Position Yourself In The Front Of A Wealth Trend

I am a die hard entrepreneur.  I love working for myself.  I love the freedom and the flexibility that I have.  I get so excited about this fact that I want everyone else to feel what I am feeling, so I am always sharing anything I can that will help people to start living this life that I love.  Back in October as most of you may or may not know I became a partner in 5Linx a tele-communication & technology company and now also energy.  I've been on fire since I joined.  The company offers so much to it's reps and I am always talking about the company because what I see is huge.  Well any way most of us who know anything about network marketing, know that this industry has had a bad rap, but over the last few years some big wigs are saying that this is the best industry to be in.  Robert Kioysaki, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Les Brown just to name a few.  Recently Success Magazine published an article about the industry saying that it offers flexibility and freedom. 

Well 5Linx is a network marketing company which is privately held and has been on The Inc. 500 4 years in a row.  The company is still a baby looking to go public in the next 3-5 years.  I believe that the 3-5 years is going to turn into 1-2 years.  The reason that I believe that is because the company is attracting some mega hitters and moguls such as:
Jason Grilli(Baseball), Eric Snow, Dominique Wilikins (Basketball),Terrell Owens (Football), Neil Smith, Eddie Kennison(Football), Pras of Fugees. Mos Def (Music), Russell Simmons(Mogul)....what do WE all have in Common? 5LINX! Ya better Recognize....this is not a game...3% of America are making their Dreams come True and 97% are watching other people's Dreams come true...  Where will you fall in the percentages?
Change is happening all around you.  Back in June 2009 you could no longer watch TV without a digital converter.  If you ride through your town look up on the poles and you will probably see solar panels, so pretty soon the way you light & heat your homes is going to change.  Telephones are now going digital, cameras are digital.  Everything is changing and we have the opportunity to take advantage of some of those changes. 

This opportunity is open to everyone, but I must speak candidly to African Americans.  We always miss out on everything because we don't know.  So I am removing the fact that you don't know about 5Linx because I am telling you that this is a wealth trend that we can all be apart of.  When this company goes public just imagine what that could mean to you and your family.  I don't have wealthy people in my family, so I will be the first to kick off the legacy.  I don't know about your families maybe you do have some wealthy people in there, but if you don't I challenge you to start it off.  Don't mean to sound preachy, but those guys in the paragraph above this one understands what's about to happen in this company and that is why they have signed on to be apart.  Many of them don't need the money, but they know that they can help other family friends build strong organizations in 5Linx.  You can do the same.

So that's my spill for the day.  If you want to learn more about 5Linx and become a partner with me go to my site or you can leave me a comment here and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Make It A Great Day!

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