Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things Sometimes Change

Once I found out that my passion was inspiring and empowering people I set out to develop a company that does that. MBI is that company. When I set up the Ms. Boss Network I wanted to develop a family of entrepreneurs that could come together to support each other. That has been slow in catching on on the network, but a funny thing happened. I was introduced to 5Linx now I have a great entrepreneurial team that is growing so fast. I am so in my element of sharing what I've learned with them and what's even more exciting is that they want learn what I know. When I was introduced to 5Linx Lord knows I wasn't looking for anything else to put on my plate, but I guess he had a different plan for me. Now the network that I started to develop back in 2009 is taking effect, just not in the way that I expected, so it's kind of funny how things happen.
Have a productive week and remember that you may have a plan for your life, but God may have a different plan.
Until Next Time
Make It A Great Day!
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