Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Setting Yourself Up For Success

As entrepreneurs we all have some setbacks. The thing here to remember is that you can always overcome set backs and get back on the road to success. I just finished broadcasting The Ms. Boss Show and I gave 7 steps on how to set yourself up for success. So just to recap those 7 steps.
  1. Have a clear vision for what you want and what you want to stand for.
  2. Have a solid revenue generating action plan. Notice I said revenue generating action plan. I've had action plans before, but I they were not generating the revenue that I felt should be coming in. So that is why it is important to have a revenue generating action plan.
  3. Know your business and know your industry. In order you be successful in your business you have to know who the players are. Knowing your business will allow you to handle any questions that maybe asked. The worst thing in the world is to be asked about something and you can answer. So make sure that you know your business and your industry.
  4. Know your audience. In order to know who to sell to, you have to know who they are and where they are.
  5. Find you a coach or a mentor. Having someone to be accountable to is extremely helpful. It keeps you on track when you know that you have to go back and report to someone. You want to look like you have been doing what you were supposed to be doing, so this is where a mentor or coach becomes a great partner to have.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people. These might be people at a local networking event. People at your local chamber or very specific industry groups. You want to be around people who are going places. The energy in the room is usually amazing.
  7. Learn how to self motivate. Whenever I am feeling down I will find me a motivating story to watch on TV or on the Internet. If I am in my car and feeling a little down in the dump I have plenty of motivational CDs to listen to. This way I am almost always in a positive state of mind.
I hope that this helps.
Until Next Time
Make It A Great Day!

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