Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doing Business In Africa

Starting today I will be bringing you a special edition of The Ms. Boss Report titled Doing Business With Africa.  Ever since I started working on the Liberia project where I will be building a women's business center I've learned a lot about doing business with other countries in Africa.  As I learn more I will be covering such topics as:
  • Emerging Markets broken down by countries
  • Ease of doing business in Africa
  • Myths about doing business with Africa
  • Import/Export rules and regulations 
  • Creating joint ventures
  • Finding investment partners
  • How to recognize good opportunities
  • And so much more
Africa is a continent.  Within the continent there are 53 countries.  We will be bringing you information on the countries with the best opportunities and the easiest to do business with..

So make sure that you stay tuned to The Ms Boss Report-- http://www.TheMsBossReport.com

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