Wednesday, March 31, 2010

East Orange Gets A Women Business Center

With unemployment still at an all time high in New Jersey people are turning to entrepreneurship as another source of income states Audrey Bell-Kearney who is the president and founder of Ms. Boss International an entrepreneur and marketing training company that recently opened its doors in East Orange, NJ. Ms. Boss International helps women start and grow their own business. Although our main focus is women we do help men who want to start a business as well. So our doors are open to all states Audrey. Times are still tough right now and people still have to take care of their families. Our goal here at The Ms. Boss Business Center is to help people take their ideas and turn them into profitable business which in turn will help them provide for their families and may even create jobs for others.

There are so many talented and well skilled people out there who are struggling to get jobs. I know this because I had an opportunity to talk to a lot of them who came into the office of A Partnership For A Better Tomorrow in Montclair, NJ which is owned by my friend Laurie Goodman when they were in need of help from New Jersey Shares which assist people who having problems paying their energy bills states Audrey. Some of the people even held double degrees and were still having a problem finding employment. Some had been in corporate America for 15 years or more but still found it challenging to find work. Some may argue that now is not the right time to start a new business and I would say to those people what do you have to loose at this point. There are not enough jobs available anyway.

Although the journey as an entrepreneur is not an easy one, if you get the right information, develop that I will succeed mental attitude and surround yourself with the right people you can start your business turn it into a successful venture. You just have to want it bad enough. You have to be willing to take the giant steps, make the sacrifice and think outside of the box states Audrey. It can be done just take a look around you. Everything that you see was somebody idea.

For more information about the services that Ms. Boss International Offer at the Ms. Boss Business Center call 973-419-0631 or visit their website at

About Audrey: Audrey who is the inventor of the first plus-size fashion dolls adding a new dimension to the doll world, author of 4 books, online radio talk show host of Business With Breakfast has been a business owner for 11 years. She is also the executive producer of the film Rise: An Entrepreneurs Journey To The Top. Audrey can be reached at or 973-419-0631.

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